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Saxophones Any Thomman Bass bass saxophone owners on here?


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Well you’ll see it here in the Yardsale, I have to follow the forum rules of not selling or implying sales outside of Yardsale. (I’d hate to banner from the forum!)
I won’t put on eBay as it’s likely to be local collect only because I don’t have a case, only a gig bag.
aha. I admit, I did not read the forum rules (hence my uncouth behaviour).
Ok, I guess I'd better watch the yardsale.


United Kingdom
When I got mine it was 100% in working order. But yeah, the mouthpiece is garbage. I don't think I've ever bought a horn that included a mouthpiece that I used, though.
If you want a great mouthpiece which is really not too expensive write Ed Pillinger. It's a true bass mouthpiece. The way I feel about it is, why bother buying a bass and working that hard on it to have it sound like a big bari....?

I also have a friend in the Netherlands that refaces mouthpieces and is a bass player himself. He could probably hook you up with a traditional bass mouthpiece for around 200 euros. If you'd like his contact just let me know.
Sent you a PM John

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