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Any sax guys...

... you lot can introduce me to? I mean, I like 80s sax-pop, a little bit of jazz-y lounge stuff and others but I don't know where to go from there. I don't really know any one name.

-- On a slightly different topic:- My mum had a CD. It was called Midnight Sax (blue cover) - but I can't find that specific one anywhere... I think it was from the 90s. I've found similar ones, but not the right track-listing - I grew up listening to that and I wish I had it now to listen to. Grrr.


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Stan Getz, Lee Allen, Paul Desmond, Red Prisock, Dick Parry and of course our boss...


One day i will...
Agree with the above choices and would add Wayne Shorter

Check out amazon they had a good offer in January on Jazz cds
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I'll make sure to check them all either later on tonight (early mornin' more like) or tomorrow afternoon. Cheers guys. :)

Greg Strange

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Other players to check out are:-

Kirk Pengilly - INXS,

David Woodford - The Heat Is On - Glenn Frey,

Bill Bergman - You Belong To The City - Glenn Frey,

John Helliwell - Supertramp,

Andy Mackay - Roxy Music,

Raphael Ravenscroft - Gerry Rafferty, Pink Floyd, Robert Plant, America, Mike Oldfield,

Tom Scott - Legendary LA session sax man - Steely Dan (the Aja album), Rod Stewart (Do you think I'm sexy), Paul McCartney (LIsten To What the Man Said),

Phil Woods - Just the Way You Are - Billy Joel, Dr. Wu - Steely Dan (Katie Lied album),

Wesley Magoogan - Will You - Hazel O'Connor, The (English) Beat, Joan Armatrading,

Ernie Watts - Semi-Legendary LA Session Sax Man Arthur's Theme - Christopher Cross, Frank Zappa,

Marc Russo - Repeat Offender - Richard Marx, Yellowjackets, Tower of Power, Michael Franks,

David Sanborn - Butterfield Blues Band, Stevie Wonder (Talking Book), David Bowie (Young Americans), Linda Ronstadt (Living in the USA), Michael Franks (Sleeping Gypsy),

Mel Collins - Legendary UK session player, Alan Parsons Project (Old and Wise), The Rolling Stones, Clannard, Wang Chung (Dance Hall Days), King Crimson

That should keep you going for a while...


Greg S.

P.S. Is this the 'Midnight Sax' CD?
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