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Brass Any other Trombonists out there?


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Skabertawe, South Wales
Having been learning the Tenor Trombone over the past 6 months (on a break from Sax and Trumpet/Flugelhorn) I just wondered whether anyone else out there plays one/fancies playing one.

I have really enjoyed it so far once I have developed suitable levels of breath - and now have almost the full range of notes from E on the bottom of bass stave to A on treble stave.

One of the fun things has been getting into different music which suits the trombone - Ska, Latin etc. and appreciating which pieces sound better played on trombone than sax, for example (Cantaloupe Island, Blue Trane and many Afro Caribbean tunes).

Highly recommended if you ever want a break from Sax - lighter, easier to maintain, mouthpieces at about £30 a throw, no ligs, no reeds, no buttons to press, and decent ones from £200 plus.

Only trouble with Brass Websites is that they can be deadly dull, conservative, and full of technical discussion only.

Anyway, well done to Pete for adding this to the Forum:welldone:thankyou:

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The Trombone is among the brass instruments I can claim to play. However I have stretched myself so thin with the number of musical instruments in my collection and repertoire, I have had to put some of them aside over the last couple of years, and the trombone became one of them.

It's a fun instrument to play. But like most, if you don't keep at it, you quickly lose your chops.
Played the slide back in the late 50s/early 60s and could read tenor clef. Is it still used or even exist?
Loved Jay and Kai and Jimmy Cleveland, as they played as though they were valved instruments, was probably caused by being asked to play tailgate all the time.
Actually fancy doing a Brookmeyer but still amused by the apparent need for musos to play glisses on instruments with fixed intervals and not to gliss on instruments that are supremely glissable. Mea culpa as Dobros and pedal steel guitars also appear attractive.
Hm- As a sucker for slightly off beat kit, chuck one over and I'll certainly give it a go. actually semi-serious about this- what would you recommend as a good, robust, vlaue for money starters set up. I'm in need of something new to annoy my son during those long winter's nights! My new Jaw harp simply isn't loud enough to do the job!
Hi Nachoman!

Best value/quality new ones are:-

1. Yamaha 354E (2nd hand available c £250+)
2. Weril GW 670 (under £300)
3. John Packer/Rath new student instrument just out (£345) - Rath are excellent UK make - Denis Rollins plays one.

Other excellent options would be:

4. Olds Ambassador (used - cost about £200+ - Musical Instrument Sales in Lewes has an exc one at £215 (I play an Olds from L.A. 1950 - the best!)
5. King 606 (currently used one at Woodwind & Brass (Cowplain) at £199).

Of the above my order of choice would be 4, 3, 5, 1, 2
There is also a Bauhaus Walstein available at about £230 from WWB which would be worth looking at. The only issue with trombones is the quality of the slide (moving freely and accurately, and this is unlikely to be a problem unless you are taking a risk privately.

Worth giving it a go, though, and should not be problematic to play along with a sax from an embouchure perspective (trumpet and trombone poor choice, either one and sax no problem. Hope the above is helpful. Trombones are of different bore sizes from 0.500" upwards - best to start with a 0.500" - usual size for lead tenor.

Worth giving it a go, and getting the slide positions is not that difficult.
I love the trombone but it's very hard for me play(?). It's not the trombone, it's me! My trombone is a Conn Artist 74H manufactoried April 1989. I think it's a 8" copper bell. Sometimes I think it's better to sell it, but on the other side it's a nice one and I havn't seen so many ot these.

The trombone fits perfect in Blues and Rockballads!! A slow trombone solo .... .
On the subject of trombones.......

1. I washed my 1950's bone earlier in the week (Olds Special with copper bell, nickel silver slide, and rest in silver plate) and all the lacquer promptly came off, like scales off a sardine. My initial fears subsided on two fronts....firstly it looks virtually new, and is gleaming (presumably as it would have done before the lacquer went on in 1950, and secondly the sound is absolutely fantastic :w00t::w00t:!!

2. On the theme of North European Jazz I have just discovered Nils Landgren - Swedish trombonist! What a dude - do google in his name with Jazz Trombone (& YouTube) to see a very funny video.
Also I bought a CD he did with Esbjorn Svensson - "Swedish Folk Modern" - very good indeed.

Now my version of Cantaloupe Island is reaching new heights! :thankyou:
I'll second the Olds Ambassador recommendation, for both Trombones and Trumpets. Many of these are excellent sounding, well designed and built players, and can generally be had for little money.

The valves on my Olds trumpets are smooth and operate like butter.

You gents are making me want to go back to playing my brasses!

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