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SOLD Antigua SS3159LQ Curved Soprano

Il Padrino

I'm selling this on behalf of a student of mine, and unfortunately not in the position to buy it myself.

Antigua sopranos are considered by many as the best after Yamaha, Yanagisawa and Selmer. These are Taiwanese made, from the same stable as Mauriat. This saxophone is in immaculate condition, has had little play, and still comes with 5 1/2 months guarantee.

Second in the list of sopranos.

Photos of the saxophone to follow shortly, with solid case.

There is no mouthpiece with the saxophone as the seller is keeping hers for the future. It works wonderfully with a Yamaha 4C or a Bari Espirit to start off with.

If you would like the soprano mouthpiece I'm selling myself (SR Technology Legend), contact me and I'll see if we can come to some arrangement that would satisfy you, me and the seller.

5% of sale to go to Pete's charity.

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Il Padrino

That made me laugh aloud Ivan :D

I'm just the messenger on the price on this as it isn't mine. Someone (once it sells) will get an utter bargain for such a horn. If I get a chance, I'll pop a video up of it the next few days as she's left it with me.


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Hello, I am interested on your sax.
Could you send it to Spain?
Could you take paypal? (I will pay the paypal fees)



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Is it me, or have some posts disappeared from this thread from yesterday?
They have. We allow a bit of chat in the yardsale, but some I deleted went off in an unreasonable direction, and the only way was to remove all, cos the others didn't stand alone.

Il Padrino

Right you are Kev, glad I'm not going mad at least!

And with that, the young lady has now dropped the price to £375. Please also note that there is now 5 months of warranty.
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