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Hi, I've just hired a Yamaha YAS275 for a few months and was just looking around at different Sax options.

Opinions on the Altos from Hanson, the SA5 vs Bauhaus-Walstien Deluxe AS-PD, the improved action one please.


You will get replies in favour of all of these instruments, no doubt all based on good groundings. But, seeing you have just rented the Yamaha for a few months, why do you already want to tie yourself down to these? Once you start to enquire, there will be many others, and you don't even have to go on ebay to identify them.

You could also use the search function and see whether others have had a similar questions.
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I am sure that you will get a big recommendation of the Bauhaus Walstein as being in a different class to most of the others in the price bracket, and it is not really seen as a student quality instrument, but happily sits with the pro level instruments. I am personally a little wary of Yamaha instruments below Series 6 (pro) level (1, 2 & 4) and think that they are overpriced. I appreciate Kev's point but wouldn't go that way personally, knowing what I know now.

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The thing is now I have decided on getting a tenor, Studiosaxophonesuk have a Showroom Bauhaus-Walstein Phosphor Tenor Saxophone for £450, I think I'll probably go with this. Any recommendations on a suitable mouthpiece?
There are zillions of options out there - partly depends on what sound you like. I would put in a recommendation for a Rico Graftonite B5 Tenor which is very good quality and only costs £14.10 (inc. postage) from Many players usually acquire a few mouthpieces as time goes on (I have 3 tenor mouthpieces) but it would be a good place to start whilst you develop your sound and know what sort of music you want to play - rock, soul, jazz, classical - which will influence any further choice of mouthpiece. You can easily spend more (most tenor mouthpieces cost £100 plus) if you want to.....

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If the Yamaha works for you, then I'd suggest negotiating a price on it at the end of the rental period. No point in trying to adjust to a different instument, just as you've got familiar with that one.

My daughter plays a YAS-275. It is a good instrument, easy to blow and with very good intonation. Unless you are looking for a different kind of sound, the Yamaha would work just fine.

Since I have played American saxes for years, I am not a fan of the Yamaha ergonomics and sound concept. But that is just personal preference.

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