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ANOTHER wanted from me! Baritone Mouthpiece


Woodbridge, Suffolk
Hi all
Can anyone suggest a good free blowing baritone mouthpiece- I play for a baritone for a big band and need a free blowing mouthpiece or a good metal one.
Im currently using the supplied Yanagisawa that came with the 991 sax, but with baritone not being my first sax im unsure what mouthpiece may suite.

If anyone has any pieces to offer- unfortunately i have all money tied up in assets, but i may be able to do a swap for some of the Alto and Tenor Pieces ive got
- Brilhart Streamline Alto
- Berg Larsen Duck Bill Alto
- Berg Larsen Buck Bill tenor (needs work)
- Selmer S80 Tenor
I have a Runyon bari mouthpiece, which I do like, but I don't use it because my mouth is really small. I am interested in getting a new Alto mouthipiece, because I am using the original Yamaha A5 that came with the horn. Maybe you could get back to me on that? Send a message...
Hi, sounds good- what model is the Bari mouthpiece?
From my collection, i havent got many pieces that are smaller in size- with them all generally being fat- like the Berg. I only have a Selmer Jazz Metal- but it might not be what you're looking for- and im guessing it's still worth a few quid.
What sort of piece do you have in mind- such as a meyer? or maybe a Yani one?
My husband recently got a Drake, it's a killer mouthpiece, fast, free blowing, fantastic articulation.
I got back into playing baritone last year and was in a similar situation. Having looked around the forums and reviews, I heard good things about Runyon mouthpieces, and bought one from a shop in the states, without playing one, on a risk purchase (it was cheaper than buying one in the UK) - it's a Smoothbore, metal, a number 13 (117 tip opening) - and wow it's just fantastic. Big fat sound, loads of punch, plenty of power, but can play to a whisper instantly, response all over the horn is great, very free blowing. I play it with Jazz Select 2M's, and have everything I need on Bari now.

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