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Another strange gig

Pete Thomas

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A while back I did a gig in Amsterdam with a techno DJ (luke Slater - Planetary Assault Systems). I do very very little live work these days, but it seems I now have another one with the same outfit.

This one is at London's Fabric club, and again I will be playing quite free stuff along with the DJ's build ups.

Luke just nods at me when to start playing and then nods again when to stop, or if I miss the nod I get a more robust signal, a tap on the shoulder or maybe a gently kicking.

I'll be playing the Two Voices tenor, along with my $20 clipon mic and ear protectors.

The whole thing includes live video projected onto a gauze in front of the stage, quite a show really.

If anyone from here is likely to be there let me know.

Sweet Dreamer

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Is Sunny within walking distance from Heaven?

Or am I already there?

I see the light, but I don't hear the sax.


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Vital info missing there Pete, For example what mouthpiece? and what reed?
:headscratch:I'm going to take a wild guess but here goes, a handmade PPT mouthpiece and a Legere reed! How did I do? :w00t:

Best of luck with the gig, sorry that I won't be there.

All the best,



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the unexpected king of bangin' techno! :welldone
(Planetary Assault System's great name for a noisy sort of band!)
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