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Another Midi question

Der Wikinger

I have been using finale to make .wav files. However, when I burn them to an audio cd, they play 1/2 step sharp. When I play them in Finale, they are A=440. There for if I play middle c on my tenor I get a Db. I asked Finale technical support and got a lot of double speak (because they don't know why either). If I record directly from a sound blaster sound card playing finale into a very expensive external recorder, it records A=440. But this is a long and tiresome process. Not at all like just making .wav files. Any suggestions?

Pete Thomas

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This is maybe to do with the sample rate. CDs are always 44.1 kHz per second, if your wav file is at 48 (which is another standard) then it will play back at 44.1 out of tune (and a slightly wrong tempo like a tape slowed down or speeded up).

Chaeck in the Finale preferences for a setting to choose 44.1 or 48, and make sure it is 44.1.
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