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I am one of the many players who took up the saxophone later in life. I had also been considering the clarinet, but the Pete Thomas DVD tipped the decision in the saxophone\'s favour. In my case, I am now nearing retirement. I have so far accumulated about 2000 hours of practice time. I know this because I keep a log and a strict practice routine. In any case, this seems to be a suitable time to register on Cafe Saxophone.
> My daily practice, apart from the long tones, is based almost entirely on the Baermann Foundation Studies (ed. David Hite) and the two books of Melodious and Progressive Studies (also ed. David Hite).
> I practice this material on both tenor and baritone, and I spend equal time on them. I have found the baritone to be much more forgiving than the tenor, and it was relatively easy to find a good reed-mouthpiece combination. The tenor seems more temperamental, and I can see how people succumb to GAS.
> By the way, I live in Australia.
> Beckmesser

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Welcome to the caff. We've got snow that might stay for Christmas. Any advice on how to unfreeze a frozen G# key. Have me own oxyacetylene kit.
Enjoy and give us the products of all those carefully logged hours.

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And welcome from me also.

I used to practice pretty much every day but that's proving harder to do now that work is so busy. If I manage 4 times a week I have done well!

Interesting you find bari easier than tenor. I moved from ato to tenor just over a year ago and found tenor more controllable/predictable in most areas than the alto except perhaps bending notes which it has taken me a while to re-master.

On the reed/mp front, again tenor has been easier than alto. I also bought a soprano in the summer which has as yet had almost no use. My teacher recommended I put it away until my embouchure was more developed on tenor - I found when playing them both my tenor embouchure was adversely effected by playing sop.

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Hi, welcome.
Another learner? We are all learners in life. Enjoy the caff.

Bill, I thought that silver and black thing with the tubes, in the corner of your room, was the oxyacetylene - or perhaps the oxygen so you can survive up so high in Git Towers.. Didn't know you had a sax as well.:shocked:


Hello and Welcome to the CS :) Another fan of the lower tones here too! Wish I could manage such a disciplined schedule, but I save that for the 4 kids ;) Glad you're here!


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The cafe welcomes you Beckmesser, even though your probably sat on the beach in your swimmies, chuckin' shrimps at the barby whilst knockin back an ice cold XXXX and we're sat sittin' in the bloomin' cold damp and dismal frozen wastelands that is England. (I'm not jealous at all you know! ;})

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Thank you all for the kind welcome. I will try to take up some of your comments elsewhere. Old git, I already know that I don't have any remedy for a frozen G# key. Maybe you should just talk to it.



Glad to hear you chose the sax. Clarinets are great but the range of opportunities to play them in music of the last 50 years is very limited except for orchestras of course.
...and if you had chosen the clarinet you wouldn't have joined this forum - so there's another good reason.

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