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I mentioned previously that I attended a sax course run by Nick Foster anne Julie Wright in Sussex and how it was really enjoyable.

Nick and Julie are running further courses this year in the UK and also in some exotic European locations where you can combine your playing with a holiday.

I can wholeheartily recommend them to anyone who wishes to improve their playing whilst at the same time be wined,dined and have great fun.

Unfortunately I am unable to make the one in February but will hopefully be at another in due course.

Their website with all details "including a picture of me actually playing" can be found here:

If you would like to know more of my experiences of being on the course, just PM me.
Hey Saxyman, is this ensemble based, similar to the one I met you on last year or is it more about learning to play the Saxophone? Sorry for the seemingly lazy question but I did have a quick look at their website, which looks like it could do with some formatting and organising but closed it none the wiser.
It's different from the one at Knuston Hall in that it is a much smaller group 10-12 normally.
Also it was not just for sax's there were flutes as well.
They do break it down to even smaller groups say 2 or 3 to meet the level at which you can play. I felt very much at home and as you may remember I am real beginner.
I did have some individual tuition. I learnt a lot.
You do play solo and with others in front of them and on some occassions with piano accompaniment.
Very laid back yet professional.
Yes there are some very good players there but they never put me off.
Before I went I spoke with Nick and explained what I was seeking to achieve.
For me it's not just about the learning, it's playing alongside others and the social involvement as well.
I find a always learn something from a course Whatever it's content and format.
I am not sure what you are looking for in the way of course content, so I can't really say if it is suitable for you or not.
Good to hear from you and that you are still blowing.
Just to inform you that the website for the above courses is experiencing problem with Internet Explorer.
The matter is being looked into but in the meantime it is best viewed using Firefox, Safari,Opera or another browser.

Similar threads... or are they? Maybe not but they could be worth reading anyway 😀

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