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(Another!) Adult beginner - from Sussex, UK


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Hello everyone. After lurking in here for a couple of weeks now I thought I would say hi and add to the ever increasing list of adult beginners who come here to satisfy their whirling brains and desire to learn everything, immediately!

I come from a flute background (grade 8 taken, erm, 20 whole years ago :oops:) and also dabbled with the oboe a few years ago (which I love the sound of, but dealing with the continual reed issues was a nightmare).

I work in London and the new shop opened up right next to my office this year, and all those beautiful, shiny instruments drew me like a moth to a flame... So, pretty much on a whim, I went in and hired one of their own brand Sakkusu tenors, in midnight black. (I wanted a total change from the neurotic concert pitch instruments this time, and just love the sound of the tenor).

Shamefully, after a few blows, life etc got in the way and the sax sat our spare room, forlornly, until the past couple of weeks. A complete waste of 7 months hire fees but, more infuriatingly, a waste of all that practice time. Imagine how good I'd be now if I'd been playing since April! ;)

But last week I finally found a teacher in a convenient location for me which means I can now take lessons in my lunch break, which is a game changer in terms of fitting with lifestyle and enabling the sax to get some dedicated time.

I'm lucky in that I don't need to learn to read music, and most of the fingerings are the same as the flute (and the muscle memory is still there), but - oh my goodness - you really know when you sound bad when you're learning as an adult, don't you?! I am finding myself getting very frustrated when intonation is out by a quarter tone, or my tonguing is fuzzy, or I run out of breath, or I get my fingers muddled, or just the very fact the sound coming out of the instrument sounds nothing like the sound I want!!

I really hope to continue though, as it's a lot of fun and I'm a lot happier when I have music in my life. It's my thing.

This is a wonderful resource - thank you to all of you who make it what it is and everything you do to help those of us starting out. The info and support here is second to none and I'm sure I'll continue to be a regular visitor.


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Welcome to the Café.
Good luck with the lessons. As you will know, practice is the key.


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Welcome to the Cafe and the saxophone. Tone production takes time. Stay with it and enjoy the ride. You will find the sound that's in your head and it will all have been worthwhile.


Welcome to the cafe :)

Intonation can be hard when moving from one instrument to another. The teacher should be able to help you out with the embouchure as you already know, its completely different to the flute. As @nigeld said, practice is the key. And please don't be worried about being out of breath, you'll be able sort it

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