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Yesterday's BBC Radio 4's 'Great Lives', was about Trane, and the saxophonist who nominated him was Andy Shepherd.

During the show, available on iPlayer, he implied that at the age of 52, he wasn't quite ready for his first saxophone lesson.

What do you make of that?
Think he mentioned in last months Jazzwise article that he'd never had a lesson. Not sure he needs one now.
Personally what I think he means by that is: Everything you need to know is in the music.

If you listen to the music, copy it, practice it etc. you'll gain an understanding of it.

Some of the conversation was quite interesting with regard to all their comments on 'being in the zone' something I've only ever experienced once in my music making.

I was playing along to a bunch of dixie backing tracks and was just getting it right. I was sat by my computer playing my way through all the backing tracks one after the other consecutively and the best music I've ever produced was just flowing out my horn.
I then picked up my flute and clarinet and played them through all over again. I don't even know what notes go with which fingering on the clarinet, it was just completely by ear.
Perhaps we should compare him to Trane's obsessive practice. Two sides of triangle?
Thanks OG

Nice find

I will listen to that again I think

We should start a dedicated thread for interesting programs coming up on TV and radio

There is often good programs on BBC 4

I'm just jealous that you have BBC on a regular basis. As a "Yank" we get bits on our PBS but it seems not to the extent that you get it.
I believe BBC iPlayer doesn`t work abroad. I haven`t been able to get it in Germany. It could do in the states though.
I tryed to listen last month and was unable to from New Zealand.
I heard that Great lives episode through Itunes, although it's only available for a short time!

Can you not watch BBC iplayer in the states?


I didn't know about BBC iPlayer (which does not seem to be completely related to iTunes and the iPod or the iPhone or "Aye - Aye - Aye").

I just tried it. I can get radio but not BBC TV. That's probably because y'all allow more stuff on TV than our Puritanical past president and his cronies would want us to see.>:)

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