Jazz Andy Dickens Gig: 9th March in Basingstoke


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Surrey, UK
May I strongly recommend this forthcoming gig.

Andy is a terrific performer and he has assembled a lovely band:
"an amazing eight-piece virtuoso line-up with Julian Marc Stringle and Pete Effamy on saxes and clarinets; British jazz Award winner Craig Milverton on piano; Rod Brown, drums; guitarist John Coverdale; trombonist Dave Hewitt and Brett Nevill on double bass"

Details here: http://www.centralstudio.co.uk/Livemusic.html

Here is a clip from a previous gig with a similar lineup:

Disclaimer: Andy is also the "musical mentor" for the jazz group I play with each week.
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Shameless BUMP for this thread to promote the gig. It's on Saturday 9th and as of last night there were a small number of tickets remaining.


Similar lineup playing here, featuring Julian Stringle on Bass Clarinet:

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