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R & B, Blues, Soul Andrew Clark looping jam

Great stuff- I actually just bought an Akai HeadRush loop sampler myself.... watch out for saw, percussion and sax jams coming soon. Actually my saw is great for this (in that it combines cowbell, cymbal, rub-board and theramin- I've done a few non-real time layer pieces with it and can get a good tom waits/massive attack thing going).
Do you reckon the guy's got his tenor double tracked on this video?
I take my hat of for all saxplayers who can do something in that direction! I'm not capable, that's for sure.

Andrew Clark website: www.papasax.com

Andrew is a freelance saxophonist and teacher (also flute and clarinet) living in Boston, USA. He runs his owns music school and writes about Rock & Roll Saxophone in Saxophone Journal. Beside Rocksax he is also playing classical and jazz. Spending most of his time in Boston but use to come to Sweden/Denmark twice a year for gigs, clinics and workshops. Next summer he is going to play classic saxophone in churches on the countryside of south Sweden. Lars-Erik Larsson wrote some fine pieces for saxophone. The first years at Berklee he study classical saxophone. He is playing Selmer Mk VI tenor and alto. His alto is to low A.
Thanks for the info Tom,

Yup an impresssive performer, nice that he also does classical,

I also intend to do some church playing in 2010.

While travelling I go into churches and ask if I can play inside for the soul and spirit of the people & the building. So far I haven't been refused, usually no one around during the day, I do rehearse some suitable tunes for this environment, it's always an uplifting, relaxing thing to play and wander around the church & blow some sounds.

Did you know Jan Garbarek still plays in churches although he's never alone while doing so!

Cheers & Ciao

Ps Happy New Year
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Ever heard 'trinity sessions' by the cowboy junkies (a sort of country version of fairport convention)? recorded in a church in canada using a single stereo mike- an album which is has some of the most beautiful 'sound ambience' I've ever come across...

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