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Lyn Brown

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Hi Lynn and welcome to the cafe!

When I started learning (tenor) sax, I used the 'Guest Spot' Blues/Jazz books for clarinet. I couldn't play the clarinet range on the sax so my teacher just told me to transpose certain sections by an octave. I think the 'Guest Spot' series has expanded a lot since then and has dedicated sax books.

It's up to you but I can imagine that there are advantages in using the same books both on clarinet and sax. Easier to compare and contrast. Since you have the same tutor for clarinet and alt sax, I would ask her/his advice first on what would benefit both instruments.

Thanks Mike. Kind of you to respond. I think you are right - I have bought a couple of guest spot books for the sax and I'm finding them a lot easier to use than other material. I'm now buying Clarinet books to mirror the new sax purchases. It's all costing a fortune - but I'm loving it.


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Hello Lyn welcome to the cafe one way of building up a portfolio of tunes very cheaply is to follow BOTM in the Your sound clip section of the forum where you will find downloads for all sorts tunes for free your not required to post your efforts if you don't want. enjoy your sax

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