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Gosh, I've posted alot on here today! Not sure if I'm allowed to say on here but I have just listed a vintage non working sax on eBay with Amy Winehouse engraved on the bell. It's an old John grey & sons sax and more a piece of art than anything else. It doesn't play and is about c.1890's
It's a cool piece so take a look and see what you think! It was just sitting in my parents garage and collecting dust so I've decided to let it go. 99p start but if anyone on here buys it please let me know as I will arrange a donation of the sale to the fund :)
Intrequing, if you don't mind me asking, what's the history with the engraving?

I thought perhaps to put up the link to the ad

the pictures of the engraving are not very clear and they are rather small, which is a shame because the possible people interested would want to see how the engraving is done.

For what there is to see....... it looks like a sufficiently good likeness , which, in portrait engravings is difficult to achieve .

I think it would be highly beneficial to take better and lager pictures as the value, is all in the engraving. The horn on its own I am afraid isn’t worth much.
Hi All, I know the horn isn't worth much! Hence it's price of £1.64 at the moment :-( however, the person I got it from was a bit of an artist and he did sell a few saxes on eBay such as this with engravings on of late singers. He recently sold a 'Trafford' GDR alto with Whitney houston on - I'm guessing the sax didn't work. I actually paid £57 for the sax so maybe over the top. I really liked the Amy Winehouse engraving but have found the sax to be just sitting around and I agree, It ain't pretty! Pics were taken on my iPhone as I find they are better than with my camera. No matter how hard I try my camera bounces light everywhere or the pics are too dark. I will try and upload better pics but as there isn't alot of time left and the price is so ridiculous I may just leave it to run. Thank you for taking a look though :)
when taking pictures of a saxophone you better never use a strobe (so, exclude the flash by choosing the barred flash option on your camera), try to put it on some white background (you will need an exposure compensation in the region of +2/3) and possibly take pics not too close to the window in a small and white room (because the metal will reflect what there is around it, including the photographer!).

Another thing is to choose the close-up option in the menu so that the image won’t be blurred.

Cameras, if you know what you are doing, always give better results than telephones!
Dam how did I miss this,just found it today,I would have loved to own this sax I'm amazed it didn't fetch more....John
I'm a bit dissapointed it didn't get more but that's eBay for you. I've just had someone completely mess me about on one of my antique diamond rings - I'm not happy right now :-(
Hopefully it will get some use as some sort of decoration tho :)
If it turns out to be a time waster let me know we could sort something.....John

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