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Amplifier When no Mains Power


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Interested in what folks are using for a portable solution (where there is no power)?
Interested in what folks are using for a portable solution (where there is no power)?

Hi Rick, have moved it here where it will get better exposure.

There's a thread by Taz somewhere that describes his setup using a car radio and car battery. But I think he's moved on to something commercial, and his was for for backing tracks, although I don't see whay you couldn't add a mike input to it. I'll post a link if I can find the thread.
I used to have a pignose (now there's a weird sentence!). the nifty feature is they have inbuilt rechargable batteries so no forking out every week for new ones
I generally use a louder mouthpiece. :D

There are many cheap portable amplifiers but none can handle loud volume or the full range of the saxophones.
They can be use as a monitor... but not as a PA.
If your after a small and portable battery powered amp then I'd highly recommend either the Ion "Tailgaiter" or the Ion "Blockrocker." personally I use the "Tailgaiter" its slightly smaller than the latter but is a great little gadget. I get the impression that your after something bigger, in which case I'd suggest using a PA via a small generator. Could you be a bit more specific as to how you'll be using the equipment?
I use a Vox Da5, and its quite reliable, it also plays music from an IPod well, if you wanted that to play a backing track, as for micing up a sax, I'm not too sure, but I don't see why it wouldn't work, and it goes quite load too.
Have not tried it, but wonder if a standard mains pa amp would work if powered by an inverter driven by a car battery?
Hi Rick, I use an ION Tailgater - normally get about four hours playing time out of it, plenty of ports to add mics and of course you can play backing tracks from your Iphone!
I use one of these ( I have the 12inch speaker, rather than 15 inch). The battery charge lasts about 8 hours.

It comes with 2 radio mikes ( which I assumed would be cheap and nasty, but are, in fact, quite good ) or you can jack a wired one into the back. The 12inch version costs about 170 pounds.

I also have something like this. Can you use a clip-on microphone without "pre-amp"? I looked at the link and the prices are lower in UK compared to Sweden. Maybe time for an import next time I need neew stuff?
I had a Dj Tech Cube which on paper looked good, but after less than a month the battery life dropped to less than an hour on a full charge. not very good for busking with as you can imagine. Took it back and got a replacement, this did the same. Took that back and demanded my money back. Told I would have to send the amp off to be checked that it was faulty and that this would take about 3 weeks, I asked about loss of earnings dues to not being able to busk! no joy with that. So swapped it for an Ion BlockRocker and trolley. This is loads better and I would recommend it to anyone.


check out the Ibiza 400 ( ) - mains & rechargeable battey & giving up to 400w output thru 2 x 8" woofer and 2 x 3" tweeter - plenty of punch and some to spare....

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