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Keyboards Amp recommendations?


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I have recently started playing piano in a small groupette. ( 2 singers, drums, bass and me). We have played a couple of gigs where I have used my trusty Yamaha P35 electric piano, which tends to get directly connected to the house PA via its headphone socket. This then gives me the problem that I struggle to hear myself play. especially when the drummer gets excited/loud

I believe the solution to this problem would be get myself a small amp with a line out on it, so that I connect the keyboard headphone socket into the amp which I can then use as a monitor, and the amp line out can be fed to the PA.

Have been looking at a couple of amps on line and the Laney AH40 is currently ticking a few boxes;
small, portable, line out socket ( rather than just headphones), enough inputs for me to add in in extras. and is around £150 mark. which seems reasonable.

Its 40 watts so I'm presuming this would have enough punch for me to hear myself in small pub/clubs?

Any recommendations for this amp or for any other similar specced/priced beasts?
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