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American Prayer Day.

old git

Tremendous Bore
May we wish our American members a Happy Prayer Day on Thursday despite the controversy it seems to have caused.

In the UK we have a different Thursday, Parliamentary and Local Council elections.

Those on the other side of the Pond are encouraged to pray on the day, we will be praying for five years following the day.

That nice Mr. Thomas:please note this is not religious or political but an attempt at satire.


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Out in the Countryside of Nelson NZ
Gday Bill

My prayers were answered yesterday, but I'll keep going for today.

Ps I've named my new all black steed "Croydon" in your honour! As fast & as strong as Jonah Lomu no mention of the R word tho!

May the special door in your lift not be used by you for many a long day…
Bubbles & in Lucozade.
old git

old git

Tremendous Bore
Just been down to vote, they use our Community Centre as a Polling Station but have withdrawn for further information and consideration.

Anyone like to offer guidance on the political policies of two geezers called Joe Stalin and Adolf Hitler? Do either play the saxophone?

Jimmy Lad,
You may call it "CaSLM" following your appointment as New Zealand Ambassador and Busking Licence Issuer, just remember, only allow a 10% discount to Caff members and return 45% of the take to me where I'll distribute 10% to the Official Zimmer Retainer and 5% to that nice Mr.Thomas's charities.


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One thing Jimu didn't mention about Jonah Lomu - his size.... He was huge - and strong. Acceleration was poor, but once he got going hardly anyone could keep up with him and he was virtually unstoppable. When the Springboks played the All Blacks in the Rugby World Cup in SA, they were the first team that had any idea how to handle him. Two guys (at least) marked him closely and tackled him together if he got the ball - before he got moving. Poor guy had a very tough match. But to see him running with those long legs..... Looked as if he was strolling, till you saw how he left the opposition. Wonderful player.
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