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Amazing coincidences.

old git

Tremendous Bore
Can anybody offer any explanations of coincidences that have been revealed by various threads affecting The Croydon and Sarf Lundun Massive.

Young Smiffy recently revealed he has reached 50. Information received regarding Young Col suggests that he has recently reached 60 years of age. Now that is 20% older than Gary. At this point it must be revealed that before the month is up, the Senior Member will be 72, again 20% older than YC.

CaSLM is a matriarchal society being a Corporate member of the Women's Institute and therefore the Official Moll will be 86 and a half by mid May. Can anyone suggest a suitable Birthday Card and present for an eighty-six and a half year old, female, Yorkshire dwelling saxophonist and the meaning of these mysterious 20% increases? :confused: :confused:


Oxfordshire, England
Try MoonPig for the card and how about something er suitable? on a top that you can design yourself say from somewhere like streetshirt?
My younger daughter got me a top with an intertwined AlySax logo on from there.


The 20% is what is missing from your practice

The first 20% that is, as we are to old to ever get above 57.9% and never get within 80% of being prefect

I blame Einstein

All relative me ar*e

you are no relative on mine

Card, anything with a cat on it

*hate cats*

old git

Tremendous Bore
Maybe it is our Vice-Patron HM Brenda who is 86 1/2, all I know is that mathematics are the TRUTH. Maybe you are just forty.

Nobody mentioned 'relative' before your use. We are only related through Adam or Dolly, as along with the age difference, there is the height variation. I am a perfectly normal six foot one, lying down or standing up, Colin is an in scale midget at 20% less and you have 20% less stature than him.
Hmm. That means Pauline is either seven feet three or three feet three .


In picking up my Tenor sax for the first time since Xmas I can tell you your 20% is well out

Out of the 1000% wind I am blowing in only 0.6% is coming out

Stupid SAX
Who's idea was it to make the thing so wind resistant

Some old git I shouldn't wonder

You MP and lig as safe in a box, I will return it one day..............

How old are you again

* works out the % of how long to hold on to it for good*
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old git

Tremendous Bore
Wow! Another miracle. My method of obtaining information is subtler than Tom's but blackmail is a subtle affair.

Now that the Government is offering £5,000 to aid purchasing an electric car, when the CaSLM Official Zimmer Retainer's finger has recovered from thirddddd degreeeeee burrrrrrns (sorry, couldn't type that without laughing) from a car cigarette lighter, he will start converting the CaSLM Gold State Zimmer Frame to electric locomotion. I shall wear rubber shoes and gloves in case he is inspired by Ferrari KERS technology.

Young Col

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Coulsdon, London/Surrey
After the days I've had - two trips to deepest Kent yesterday, this evening a vile trip to Hatfield round the M25 in the rain (two and half hours one way, one hour coming back) and contemplating a trip to the NEC Birmingham tomorrow, I am really too frazzled to contribute anything either, even though I have a vague feeling of being got at by the hierarchy. I've told you before Bill, I'll let tyres down on your Hanson in revenge.

Still, I did find time to call at the council drop in centre to get a form for my Freedom Pass.

Glad you're standing up for yourself Pauline, all five foot three of you. No-one else will!

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