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Amati Kraslice AAS22


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Forgive me if this is not the place to ask, but I am planning to learn the sax and have no experience at all of playing any instrument. So I have been looking for a sax. My googling so far has suggested that a better option would be a used one rather than a cheap new one. I don’t want to spend lots and find that it’s not for me. On the other hand I want something that will last and allow me a few years if learning. I can always look for a better one once I become more proficient.
I would appreciate your advice.
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I don't need another mouthpiece; but . . .
The first question is what size saxophone you want to play. Tenor and alto are the usual choices for beginners, but it could be one of the others if you really prefer it. Altos are usually cheapest.
If you are not sure, then the best way to choose between them is to go into a shop and try them both. Even if you can't play, you can still have a honk, and you may discover that you have a preference.

Then decide on your budget. Don't forget that you will need a mouthpiece, and that if you get a second hand sax, then you will probably need to get it checked over and serviced (reckon on about £100 for this if it is in reasonable shape, more if it needs tlc)

Then ask here again for recommendations.

Rob Pealing

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I suggest that you rent one for several months, That way you will discover whether you want to continue, and work out whether you want sop, alto, tenor etc.
When it comes to buying used Yamaha 23 ' s are usually a good bet.


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Sorry, as suggested by the title but not the content of my post...I have seen an Amati Kraslice on sale and was wondering what you think about that as a beginners alto. It would be from a specialist supplier who has checked it over, serviced it etc?


Plus one on the rental idea, and if possible a good idea beforehand is to get yourself to a shop where you can have a blow of both alto and tenor if you've never done that (best for now to ignore soprano - tough intonation-wise for a beginner - and baritone - tough on the pocket!)
I rented initially from Dawkes and they shipped a new Yamaha 280 to me and were v helpful over the phone with my various struggles.
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