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Am I being unreasonable?


Costa Blanca, Spain
I have an expensive mouthpiece on order and, whilst awaiting delivery, have been reading reviews and feedback from those who have a similar one.
It has received glowing reviews from nearly everyone, but one or two people had, I read, sold theirs fairly soon after receipt.

I asked one whether he'd felt his was 'deficient' in any area...he replied by PM that, despite his initial enthusiasm, for him he'd have liked a bit more at the 'top end'.
The other said he'd bought one which had a slightly too large tip opening.

I emailed the maker....with whom I'd previously had a very useful phone discussion.....enquiring whether he thought I might have done better to order a size smaller.
I got a rather 'cool' response, about my asking for users' feedback and 'trying to second guess' the correct tip size 'at the eleventh hour' :confused:

But he did end saying "Nevertheless, don’t worry, we’ll do everything we can to make it right for you"

I was really seeking re-assurance and would have liked either "Don't worry...I think you've ordered correctly" OR "Well, perhaps we'd better see if we can send you a size smaller(but it may be too late)", NOT a bollocking (albeit 'implied') for having the temerity to ask 'sellers' whether there was something they hadn't liked :(

Is the seller being over-sensitive/under-confident in his product, or should I have just shut-up and waited for mine to arrive....(difficult for me ;} ) ? (Or something else?)

I know it may seem like a storm in a teacup, but I like to think I am not a 'difficult customer', but was simply keen to avoid being sent the wrong tip-size.

(FWIW I am pretty sure the size I ordered is correct and certain that it's great mouthpiece!)

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Don't worry Roger, It's an alto thing. The need to be a diva, happens to all alto players. Desmond threatened to leave Brubeck when Morello arrived.:) Tenor players are all laid back and baritone players sonorous.

Roger, ask yourself are you trying to prepare for a possible disappointment. It is not that long ago that your RPC was obviously not quite 'it', maybe it is a form of self protection. The alternative, of course, is never to be wrong, everything you buy is perfect.

Publicly at least.


Costa Blanca, Spain
Thanks, could be correct about preparing for possible disappointment....

I s'pose that I'd like to find a mpc which seems to be popular with a 'broad spectrum' of players, so that I'm as sure as one can be that it ain't the equipment, it's the player:) Then I can stop looking at mpc reviews and keep practising!

I was the same with my golf clubs....although I am aware that 'player:equipment compatibility' is even more critical with a mouthpiece.

Maybe, as with my golf, I will eventually accept that my cr@ppy playing is nothing to do with the horn or the it must be the reed ;) :D


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I wouldn't read too much into it Roger. It's probably just that the maker has actually had difficult customers previously and is just feeling a bit defensive. He probably misinterpreted you wanting to talk about the mouthpieces as being the prelude to a complaint.

The thing with ordering a mouthpiece to be made is that if it's not quite right it can usually be tweaked, as this guy seems willing to do, so don't worry, just look forward to getting it.

I also wouldn't be at all concerned that some players sold their new mouthpieces shortly after buying them. None suit all players, and even the finest mouthpieces will not be favoured by some players. Lots of people sell on their Lawtons, RPCs, Lambersons, etc. For what it's worth, I must have been through 40 tenor mouthpieces over the years, almost all regarded as 'good quality'. Just didn't suit me at the time. Now settled on a belting RPC 115B, at long, long last.



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North of Liskeard, Cornwall,UK
I s'pose that I'd like to find a mpc which seems to be popular with a 'broad spectrum' of players, so that I'm as sure as one can be that it ain't :D

It doesn't matter what other people use. If you like your own tone and the way you produce it that's all that matters. If others say they like the tone you produce then that's even better. Trying to have a mpc that's meets with the majority's approval may be the very thing that in the long run holds you back.

I used to do a lot of photography in the days before digital and I was an equipment snob. I had Nikon stuff and spent a fortune on this or that new bit of kit. In my own mind, I would think less of another photographer who had Practika or, heaven forbid, Russian Zenit gear. Those days are over and while I still use Nikon stuff, I tend to look at the content of others photographs rather than the sharpness of the prints which quality stuff will bring. In truth, some of my old photos were pretty rubbish despite the equipment (I'm much better now, I think).

I have tried to take this interest in the results of something rather than the equipment required to attain the result into my saxophone playing. I listen to someones playing and if I like it, then I like it and what they play it on is of only secondary interest.

I have a Yanagisawa 901T. The reason I have a Yani rather than, say, a Jupiter is I want it to last. I am pretty sure I could get the same sound out of a Walstein as I can out of my Yani, I just don't think I could do it for as many years.

Get your mouthpiece and enjoy it as it is. If it doesn't suit you then get another.

Take advice by all means but in the end it's you who's got to blow the bloody thing.

Cheers and good luck with it.



This is what I love about Breakfastroom - I was going to reply earlier ... Jonf and Moz have put it much better than I could.

I hope you enjoy your new mp ... did you ask the others if they'd sold on at a profit or not too much of a loss?

Don't PANIC! lol


Costa Blanca, Spain
Thanks for the input and I appreciate the advice and re-assurance.

When you are usually unable to get to places where you can try a variety of mouthpieces before making a choice, I think it makes some sense to have a short-list of pieces which a large proportion of buyers seem to does reduce (but, of course, cannot eliminate) the likelihood of disappointment.
I am certainly not an 'equipment snob' many have said, when it comes to music (and many other things) it's the results which count.

In fact I am delighted to think that I have managed to get a sax which PT says would give the 'big 4' and others a run for their money(in sound and quality), and spending less than half as much.
I can't see any reason why it shouldn't give the same sort of service.

The only way I can justify experimenting with the more 'niche' products is if I can snag a bargain, say here or on ebay.

So I do my 'research', make a choice, and live with the result.
I only ask that the item arrives undamaged and is 'as described'.
As I said to my vendor, it makes the arrival of the packages exciting, but a bit nerve-wracking ;}
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