Alto Sax MARTIN Elkhart USA Nr. 99 181 silver is stolen

Discussion in 'List Stolen Saxophones' started by kindofblue, Feb 20, 2012.

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    some criminal has MY PROPRIETY!

    The Altosax...

    Model "handcraft"
    vintage (silver colour)
    Original Martin Altosax Case (case restored) with metal corners etc.

    For that one who will bring me both - my sax back plus that individuum who has it now,
    to my door, I pay a lot of money.
    PLEASE CHECK suspicious SAXES if the place on it where the number uses to be , has been removed uncompletely, maybe just one or two figures of the number 99 181 was not completely removed....

    Please excuse my English - thats not my own language.

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