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Where does one purchase a lyre?
I have a Yani A901, and I am aware that you need to get the right lyre for the sax, but I am not returning many useful hits on my Internet searches.

Any help or suggestions gratefully received.
Many thanks.
I thought they were all pretty much the same.

At the risk of giving Jules even more money, if you scroll down to the bottom of here you should find something that'll do.

<edit> Snap!
That looks like it will do the job and it's already bent to shape. But Nick's point - from my trumpet playing days (long ago) I thought that a lyre was a lyre and you just pushed it into the slot as far you needed and then bent it to shape for your instrument and the angle you held it at. Not so?
It may be so. I don't know. It was just a comment someone made at band about making sure I got the right lyre for the instrument. I notice that different saxes have the lyre slot/hole in different places around the top end of the sax. But if you just bend it yourself, then I guess as long as the stem is small enough to fit in the hole it will all be OK.
They all have pretty much the same thickness in the stem. If you heat the stem before bending it, it is easier to get into the right shape and it won't brake so easy.
thank you all. I may contemplate getting one for Christmas!
Oh, so that slot by the side of the crook/sax joint is meant for a lyre? Neat!
Yes indeedy. Most I have seen have a nice square hole and a little thumb screw.

The band is talking of getting some Christmas Carol music, but the one they are thinking of is a small book designed for marching bands. This means putting it on a music stand is rather too small for my eyes! So I was thinking of a lyre to bring the music nearer my eyes :)))
Mandy did you ever get one of these and if so, do you think it would be strong enough to hold a tutor book ? I've just got a saxmute one which blocks the view ahead and as I wear progressive/graduated glasses, having the music stand to the side makes it blurred. If not, can any kind person suggest something which might work ?
I do have a sax lyre. But I've never used it other than to test it fitted the sax and the book. I'm not sure they would take a full size book though.
I mean, the book would probably fit in the lyre clip, but it might flop, or even be too close to see comfortably.
many thanks Mandy, I also have my doubts for a full size book. I'll try to work round it, maybe use some magnifiers rather than the usual specs
Lyres are made to be used with marching cards, and that's it. Mine are made by Yamaha.
Copy what you need to play on cards/paper
I mean, the book would probably fit in the lyre clip, but it might flop, or even be too close to see comfortably.

Back to the short/long sighted vision thing. Leads me to consider using a kindle on a lyre. Just a thought, not even picked up the kindle to check if there is any chance it would work yet.

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