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SOLD on Cafesaxophone Alto mouthpieces: my Meyer copies

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Here is the story:
I play 1st alto in a rehearsal band with quite a traditional repertoire, including many Teddy Heath charts.
My sound on alto wasn't exactly the most suitable for that, also the volume of the band is pleasantly softer than usual.
Mr. First Tenor, that sometimes deals with instruments, gave me, for very little money, a Meyer NY USA 5 (that I will never sell, considering it a gift from the man) that is perfect for the job. Since I always rave about Pillinger's work, I asked him to make something similar sounding. I am now selling the results of our research,
He now has a mould and a facing that would allow me to buy a replacement at any time.
You can buy one straight from him, with your favourite facing, but here is the offer:

Each mouthpiece costs £140, + fees and shipping.
I will donate £10 for each mouthpiece sold here. I prefer to meet in person to see if the piece is right for you before you buy.
In case of return, buyer pays all the shipping cost
This price applies only to current cafe members.
It is my first sale here, and I cannot edit. Mods, please correct gross spelling and grammar errors.

1- Pillinger NYA 5* (the darkest of the lot)
2- Meyer NY copy 5*"al" (copy of the original facing on a different blank, slightly darker than the others)
3 - Meyer NY USA copy 5*"al" (185)
4- Meyer NY USA copy 5*"al" (200) (slightly different tip) SOLD
5- Meyer NY USA copy just the blank. It played well before having a facing applied, a mysterious event that in theory should not happen. NO LONGER ON SALE

The difference in sound is very tiny, pointless to record all of them. Here is some noodling on an Aebersold to give an idea of the kind of sound I am after with these pieces (on piece #3, I think). Of course played on a Sequoia.
My usual sound is quite darker, on a NYA 8.

Questions are welcome.
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I tried one of the replicas on the JP I keep at school and it seems to have put in place the sharpish high register.
I assume it has a smaller chamber than other Meyers I tried
Update: mouthpiece n. 5 (the blank), no longer for sale.
Hey man, these look oh so tempting! Are the buys here permanent or would it be possible to buy one out on a trial run say for 1-2 weeks?
It would be too complicated fro me to arrange a trial, but Pillinger does have a refund policy, and his prices are only slightly higher. You can just ask him to have a blank of my piece with your favourite facing.
It is slightly brighter than other pieces and incredibly in tune. Think Phil Woods.
As an all rounder I would probably choose a NYA, though.
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