Alto Mouthpiece and Resistance


Cleveland, Ohio
Unfortunately, I damaged my alto mouthpiece beyond repair and had to settle for a Beechler 6M Ebonite. It's about close to the size I was used to but whenever I played at my lessons or practice, I played at about mezzo-forte.

My instructor wanted me to do long tones and change the dynamics for a warm up and something disturbing kept happening. I could start out very low and play in tune but once I get to forte, the tone would either go flat or the resistance would cause my mouth to lose grip.

I was playing this Beechler with a #3 reed and think a harder reed won't be the solution. I was used to playing with a Meyer 7 and when I tried testing another Meyer 7 at various dynamics, the tone got louder but somewhat flat with resistance.

Is there a solution for upgrading to a more open mouthpiece with less resistance, while keeping near perfect intonation? I think I may have outgrew the Meyer and the Beechler is going to be history soon. I think my embouchure has gotten a little stronger along with air support since I stopped smoking.

I'm still kicking myself for getting rid of my Vandoren V16 S9 which I thought was too open at the time. Have anyone tried one of these in a 8 or 9, and if so - was it free blowing with minimum resistance?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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