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Alto for beginner


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Isle of Man
I'm looking for an alto suitable for a raw beginner. Jupiter 500 or similar preferred. must be in good playing condition but cosmetics not important - am buying as a present for a boy whose mother cannot afford one so I'm not looking for a project ie must play out of the box.
What a nice thing to do, the one make that springs to mind is the Bauhause walstein, probably one of the less expensive ones? i would say a Barone, which are very good, but I'm sure you don't want to get involved in Barone politics so i wont mention them:)
how very nice of you to do that!

If you have more of these people whom you know why don't you get in touch with Pete and see if these deserving cases could become a part of his charity!?
Thanks for all the helpful suggestions. I have a JP sop which I bought from the Yard (thanks Amanda) and was astonished at the qualtity - so was just about to go down that route when a Jupiter 500 came up at a decent price. As this had been recommended by the boys school tutor I went for that.
I have a friend who is a professional musician who couldn't have started out without a small injection of cash from a couple of old ladies who helped her buy her first clarinet. I'm in for 10% of the takings on this lad's first golden disc so quite an investment really.
If you have more of these people whom you know why don't you get in touch with Pete and see if these deserving cases could become a part of his charity!?
I should have thought about this in the first place - I guess it's what Pete does all the time. Thanks for the suggestion
I have a Yamaha YAS-275 that's for sale in my local music shop (Being sold on a commision basis) for £500. Since you are buying for a good cause I could get it back and sell it to you for less if you're interested. Good working order. Not sure how much the shipping would be from the Isle of Man though. Anywhere between £50 to 100 on past experience.
Well in my humble opinion if you want a really good reliable horn for not a lot of money go for an Elkhart series 2 having owned one for 4 yrs and the only thing that went wrong was a small heel cork coming loose,these are a copy of a selmer sa80 and so have a lot of the extras you get on a horn of that type and far better than the basic instruments of all the well known brands, there are one or two selling on ebay now around the 120- 150 mark,enquire about the age and condition and if they state there in good condition and not too old you'll probably get a great player straight out of the box.
Yes - sorted but thanks for the interest and useful suggestions - much appreciated.
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