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Alto clarinet, prefer to trade for it. needed soon!


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I am looking for an alto clarinet just something that will "do the job" but not needing to be expensive, not bothered about brand name either just as long as it is ok and has a mouthpiece too.
I would prefer to trade sax items for it if possible, i have a list of gear, mouthpieces etc...
please PM me with your offers.
If it needs some work too then that is fine as long as there are NO cracks or major issues to sort out.
I am in Europe but i will take what i can from anywhere if it is the right deal, i am on a time schedule here as the gig on it is in early May plus others later and recordings.
I am also watching a few on ebay that are not so much $$ but i would prefer to do a deal with a forum member, so if any of you have 1 on ebay and want to do a deal here instead just PM me.thanks


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