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alto and trombone backline?


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Has anyone had experience of an alternative to the traditonal tenor sax/trumpet backline, such as alto sax/trombone or flugel? Any recorded music/videos? I should say I play alto and would like to know what possibilities there are.
Alto sax and tenor trombone should go well - they feature on Mark Nightingale Quintet "Out of the Box" CD - tenor trombone is equivalent range to a baritone sax. I am less sure of Alto sax with Trumpet/Flugel horn - different textures but same range. Other than that alto sax, tenor sax and trumpet/cornet would work well - lots of videos as you might imagine as it is a classic combo in sextet. Also alto/trumpet/trombone ,the trombone needed to provide something deeper.

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The alto saxophone and flugelhorn blends very well. Elegant timbre/sound! But the altosax player must "hold back" a little bit. I also like the tenorsax and (bass)trombone. I think it sounds good in bluesmusic.

Having played in various combinations of tenor/alto/trumpet/trombone, the trombone needs a delicacy of touch - it can have a very dominating voice, not just through sheer volume but also because of its unique ability to slide. It think trombone can work well with anything - but I would say it's more down to the player than the instrument itself.
Personal favourite used to be trumpet and baritone sax- I worked with a great trumpeter in one of my old bands and the combo of that and bari worked superbly. We occassionally used to augment with trombone too...

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