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Alto and Soprano mouthpieces, London UK, Theo Wanne, RPC, Phil-Tone


I have some mouthpieces which I'm trying to shift to raise some cash for other things after a bit of a mouthpiece quest earlier this year. I am based in North-West London and you are very welcome to come round and give any of them a blow. I have written in detail about them all in a post on my website which unfortunately I can't link to here as I have not been a member long enough, if you want to read about them you can find it at michaelchillingworth dot com. Some have sold already but the ones that are left are:

RPC 90 - £135
Phil-Tone Aurora 7 - £115
Meyer 8m refaced by Phil Engelman (Phil-Tone) - £115
Berg Larsen 100/1 SMS - £65

Theo Wanne GAIA 8 - £195

These mouthpieces are all in great condition, all virtually brand new with very little play time and other than the Meyer 8m which I played for many years as my main piece, however it has been barely played since being refaced, and has only cosmetic marks. Some of the others have slight ligature marks just from play-testing and strictly cosmetic. They all play very very well.

I am new around here but I understand it is customary to donate to the forum, I will donate 5% of anything sold through here.

I am also selling my late Mark VI silver plate soprano (with a very unusual dark laquer keys/silver plate body colour scheme!) which I will list in a separate post but please get in touch if you are interested.



apologies for the strange grammar in one of those paragraphs, hopefully you can see what I was getting at! must remember not to post on internet forums at 4.30am...


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I'd buy the Phil-Tone Aurora no problem but I already have one and it has been my favourite alto mouthpiece for about 3 years....!

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