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Altissimo Voicing Advice


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Hello all,
Here's another short video reflecting my experience with trying to learn altissimo.
Hopefully this might reduce the suffering for one or two out there who are trying to learn this at the moment.


Please feel free to offer constructive criticism on my delivery and/or advice!



Interesting reed and mouthpeice combination.

Another way to describe voicing as opposed to "moving my tounge around," which is what it is, is to describe vowls. "Tounge up" corresponds to "eee," or "tee" articulated. I suggest that because for someone that is just starting, saying move your tounge around isnt very concrete, putting vowls to it gives a more distinct starting point in my opinion.

After writing that, I realized we use different altissimo techiques (you focus on direction of airflow, I focus on speed of airflow), so it can be disregarded as per your video but I'll leave in the the post to describe an alternate technique.

This might be significant to your method, I'm not entirely sure, but you didn't mention what changes or lack-thereof you make to your embouchure. The way I do it maintains a consistant embouchure with an emphasis on avoiding the tendancy to bite, which you touched on, but I think should have been made very clear for the altissimo beginer that might not know that.

I really liked how you included the importance of hearing the notes and gave the arpegio example, as well as the need for pratice and time it may take to acheive good results.

One thing you didn't mention that is how tantamount breath supportis. You need it always, so it might not have occured to add it, but because you can "get away" without proper breath support in the non-extream registers, its worth a specail mention.

I think it was a really good video, keep it up for sure.
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