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Mikey B

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South Devon
Hi guys,

I am after one of aforementioned parts catalogue, anybody got one they can spare, I will of course reimburse you for postage costs. Thanks.

Kind Regards, Mike.
Hey Griff,

I am just curious as to what range of parts they have for older saxes. As you may remember I recently manufactured some King Super 20/Zephyr Keyguards. Well, this has progressed to other parts for these models mainly due to interest from members of another online forum in the USA.

I am therefore looking to expand my range to cover saxes, modern or vintage where spare parts are not readily available. As such I dont really see the point of duplicating what Allied or Windcraft already offer.

I am also offering "custom and one off" parts to a pattern or an accurate drawing.

Silversonic still playing well by the way

Regards, Mike.
Thanks Griff, will pm address later.

As well as keyguards I am making the 2 metal end plugs for single socket and double socket necks. Keyguard screws, point screws with correct thickness locknuts, pants guard, wing screws for lyre and tenon receiver etc.

All these being made from brass.

Regards, Mike.
hi,if anyone is interested,ive got a whole box of super 20 parts...mainly keys and flappers for tenor...ive completely made the switch to selmer and am selling my silver sonic,so i wont need the parts further,thanx
Hi, Sorry but haven't got anything like that kicking around I'm afraid, neither can I think where you could get one from. I guess you have put a post on "Sax On The Web" What happened to your original octave key? If you get really stuck I could probably make one for you?

Regards, Mike

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