AKAI EWI USB Brand new!


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Hi there,

it happened last week that i received as bday gift a wonderful AKAI Ewi USB...the problem is I already have one :D (awkward moment when I unwrapped the present). Anyway, this is really brand new, the retail price is round 320£ (but honestly on ebay you can grab it for 300£).

I am asking 245£, not negotiable (no mouth ever touched it, i opened it to check everything was there).

What else can I say? I use it to practice when I cannot play, just plug in my headphones and pick one of the several instruments. It's a quite cool piece of equipment, you can set the fingering (from sax to flute, to clarinet, to tuba etc) and the key. I love it but i prefer a new mouthpiece than a back-up EWI.

You'll get exactly what's in the box: the ARIA software with all the instruments, a neck strap, a mouthpiece cap, and all you can see in the pics. The item is in North London anyone fancy a try is welcome.

I'll donate 5% to Pete's charity indeed!

have a good time fellas!



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