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Aizen "Slant" 7* tenor mouthpiece


Friulandia, Italy
Here for an Aizen "LS" 7* (=0,105") tenor mouthpiece.




It's in like new conditions... just play tested.
There are some traces of cork grease inside the shank: it looks like there are some chips inside, inside in the shank... but it's only cork grease.
And I forgot to wash it before to take the photos: there some strange reflections in the baffle due to the flash but there's no trace of oxidation (the mouthpiece is made in a natural resin, not in ebonite).

This should be a copy the Otto Link Tone Edge Slant Signature... as advertised.
I have to say it doesnt' sound like a Slant, but it's pretty close to a good Early Babbitt.
The beak profile is lower as on an Early Babbitt... the baffle is some between a Slant and an
The sound is a little warmer than a normal Early Babbitt... medium-to-low resistance, extremely reed friendly.
It's a great example of japanese top notch craftsmanship.

Price: EUR 252 (two hundred and fifty two euros).
You'll save about 20% from a new one
Shipping with international registred mail (with tracking service) is included.
I can also offer trial period for European users... if you can cover the shipping costs.

Currency conversion:

I'll be happy to donate 5% to the forum charity fund (if I sell them through this forum).
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