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Does anyone know anything about the Aizen ASCL mouthpieces? They are a specialist classical piece, but most places seem to have stopped stocking them, so is that a bad sign? There are some on ebay for £85 - ex display models apparently.


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It doesn't look like they're made any more. There's a short paragraph from describing them:
This is from August 2017. On the September 2017 version of the website they are no longer listed.

Available in size 3 (1.5mm/0.059") or 4 (1.6mm/0.063").
For 5 years, we have done extensive research on vintage and modern classical saxophone mouthpieces. We have taken classical players' opinions into consideration and spent 1000 hours of research and development to finalize this mouthpiece design.

Every mouthpiece is meticulously hand-finished by our master craftsman.
As a result we have achieved a superb dynamic range, great playability and response, powerful projection, and a beautiful warm sound that suits most players' demands in both traditional and modern classical music.
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