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I need to buy some new reeds as im out :( i use a meyer 5m mouthpiece and im after a aggressive brassy sort of sound :) can people suggest some reeds please

I have been using vandoren blue box in #2 and although i quite like them was thinking of trying something else,are the plasticover rico reeds any good? and do they last much longer than normal reeds? sound means more to me than anything.


Luke :)
You can buy single reed from Howarths if you want to try a few, just bear in mind that if you get the bad one out of the box it might not be indicative of all.

While you are at it you could try Rico Royal #2 reeds. Plasticovers are Rico Royals coated in plastic.

Got to do some more work yet before I can practice! Will let you know.
Just tried my new plsticovers,i like them,there not bad at all,not sure if i like them more than the vandorens yet but they seem pritty good and have given me a different sound,i find them quite bright,,,,only thing is i wish i went for a 2 1/2 or a 3 as they seem much softer than the vandorens
yes thanks colin :) i had already ordered them before you posted the link lol

There was a recent thread on pro set ups and this is what I remember.

Cannonball Adderly. Meyer 5m Rico 2 reed
Luo Donaldson. Meyer 5m Rico 2
Phil Woods. Meyer 5m La Voz Med.

You could try Legere synthetic reeds. I use them on all of my horns and can get six months out of them.

You could try Legere synthetic reeds. I use them on all of my horns and can get six months out of them.


i was thinking of trying one of them,how do you find them? hows the sound? and are they stiffer than a cane reed eg if i use a 2# cane reed what strength legere would i need to get?


I find that they can play smooth and if you want to you can make them growl as well.
If you play a number 2 reed you would need a 2.5 legere, I would recommend the studio cut reeds.
The advantage is that you are never going to get a bad reed and you don't have to play them in, they play straight out of the packet.

I hate the plasticovers. I sound like I'm playing a duck call. Natural reeds have a certain variability that can be adjusted by scraping or clipping or it can be adapted to by the player. There's a little mystery, suspense and challenge seeing how each new one will respond and how long for.

I've tried a synthetic reed and found it to be inflexible and monotonous.

I'm glad I tried it though.



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