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The word slinky came into my head to describe your playing here… something very fluid and a very satisfying bluesy swing to the sax, Nice one Sir. You can always be relied on to produce some great characterful and slightly quirky sound clips… keep ‘em coming.
Yes I thought it was bluesy also - very nice - but - check out Abdullah Ibrahim (aka Dollar Brand) for a real African feel - African Market Place, Mannenberg Revisited, Sister Rose, etc. for instance. Try "googling" High-Life or Hi Life, and get away from those mournful flat 3rds and 7ths. African music is happy and joyful. I've got a whole bunch of African stuff in my archives if you want some tips let me know. I grew up with the blues but I spent over 3 years playing sax in a band in Southern Africa - it turned my head around. Check out the Calypso stuff from Sonny Rollins, that's where he's coming from. TGIF, I could ramble on for hours. gruss - spike
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Thanks for the feedback. Greatly appreciated. Yea the feel I was going for is kind of a Mississippi mud thing. Happy-swampy. The tune and the rhythm are I think Ghanaian (not South African), and just a functional reference, no attempt to be creating authenticity. I occasionally play with some South Africans here in New Zealand. Yea I agree with you Spike it's very happy upbeat stuff with distinct harmonies. I also prefer South African drumming as it's not as heavy as other African styles.

Thanks for the invite to post more Jules. That's dangerous. Don't want to wear out my welcome (but I have heaps more).

Very catchy Wade, Why is it allot of your tunes feel like move tracks.......

Nice one Wade.

This is a comment I keep hearing. Hopefully this isn't considered a micro-step away from elevator music. Ha!

The intention is certainly to make the music the focus, tell stories, and/or evoke some sort of feeling. Although the sax part is 100% improvised it's not strictly jazz. What most strive for in jazz is the performer/performance being the centre of attention.

So what is it? Anyone got a name for it? Improvision?
Hi Wade.
The internet connection in Bali is rough at the moment, I've tried (typed 6 different replies to this post and lost them all), but will say Yes Elevater Music, Not Elevator...to elevate...as in to a different state, and I don't mean Washington State.
Miles was the master of Elevater Music, so you are in exhalted company!

Better stop before I loose version 7

Most frustrating!

Ps just watched this it's relevant to your question of what most strive for in Jazz.

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