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Accessories Aerophone (or EWI)

Miles Green

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I've been playing the soprano for a little over a year. I'm hooked and play 2-3 hours daily. However this summer i will not be able to create my usual daily cacophony, as i'll be staying in a holiday resort and don't want all the guests to run away....

So i'm considering a Roland aerophone for practice, probably the AE-5. Or an EWI, whatever you recommend. The fingering looks similar, as does the mouthpiece... Is this a good idea, or is it more likely to mess up my embouchure, breathing and fingering? I'm not an absolute beginner any more, optimistically at the early stages of being an intermediate player,

Thinking beyond practice, is there one that sounds more like a sax than others? I'm not a fan of the synthesizer sounds...

Many thanks!


Hi Miles,

I picked up a Aerofone AE-05 for similar reasons to the ones you outline. I find it also lets me get some sneaky practice in when I have a free 5-10mins at home, when I probably wouldn't have time to go and play a real horn.

It obviously isn't going to help you form or keep embouchure, voicing, or breath support, but it will help with getting fingerings/scales/patterns/tunes down.

The mouthpiece feels very similar, the "reed" is present although doesn't vibrate
There is a setting which will allow you to pitch bend downwards by relaxing bite/upwards embouchure pressure, I disabled this as I was worried about training myself to bite.

I found the aerophone less forgiving than a real horn with respect to the keys - the aerophone keys click on/off - this means timing issues between "tounging" a note and having the fingering in place can cause a few wrong notes, but actually this is probably a nice feature for helping to get more accuracy and "positive" pressing of the keys. (There's also an adjustment in the app which makes it more forgiving.)

The sax sounds are not great TBH, but personally I just use the flute sound which (probably since I'm not a flautist) seems less obviously terrible :)

Anyway, in short: I'm happy I got mine - it's been on holiday and work trips with me all over the place, I've even played it on the tube in London once or twice (with headphones, I'm not an animal).

Hope that helps!



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I have an AE-10 for a few years now.
Good to practice with headphones and not wake-up all the neighborhood.
Same fingering as a sax (plus a few adaptations due to the concept)
A bit more difficult to master - key touch is quite different and even if mouthpiece is similar the way to blow must be adapted; this can be a issue down the line if your embouchure is not yet well formed.
All in all not a bad investment imho.

Edit: Just saw Al's comment. Fully agree.
Miles Green

Miles Green

New Member
Thanks Al and JiPe,

So maybe a bit of a double edged sword regarding my progress on the soprano, but certainly a fun instrument to play around with and experiment, and of course learn some new tunes, practice scales.... I'm leaning towards getting one.

Maybe the AE-10, I'll be giving up USB charging abd bluetooth, but comments seem to agree that the sounds are more realistic. I someone has used both, i'd be interested in their input. If i feel inclined, i can also purchase sounds for the AE-10? Is that correct, and how does that work?

Btw, the mouthpiece, is it about the same size as the soprano? Or the alto? Just curious.

Many thanks again for your comments.


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Good question about the AE10 mouthpiece... Never really paid attention... I just put it in and play...

As far as I know you don't purchase sounds for the AE10 - it's all in; though they've added new sounds when issueing a driver update.
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