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Saxophones advice please on first tenor


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Hi, I would like some advice.
I have been playing the alto for nearly 4 years and I am doing my grade 7 (I have got a YAS 275). But the school swing band needs a new tenor saxophone player because the tenor saxophonist has left, (i was playing 1st alto) but now I will be playing 1st tenor. Here is my dilema, because I will have to get a tenor there might be no point in geting a student model(because im doing grade 7 alto) so i have been loooking at pro's (like the yamaha 62 or yanigisawa t-991 and t-901).
But soon I will need to upgrade my alto. So I was wondering wether I should get a professional tenor.... or Student tenor but get a better alto?​
No question. Prof tenor. Easy peasy.

Nowt wrong with a YAS 275.
depends on your budget
if money is no object then try them all and buy what you like.
if money is restricted them go middle of the road and buy an intermediate
mine is a yamaha allegro yts 575 and I like it .......but Im no expert!!!!
but it didnt cost the earth either.
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