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Kiera McQuaid

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I am totally new to Cafe Saxophone!
My name is Kiera and I live in NI, I have just stared playing the Alto sax for about 1/2 a year and am really enjoying it :). I borrow a sax from school (Yahama) but for my birthday wanted to get my own as borrowing fees have been really building up. (£30 this year,£60 next year,£90 next etc etc)

What I was wondering was would it be worth my while buying this sax LADE Alto Saxophone Sax Glossy Brass Engraved Eb E-Flat with Case B1T7 OR buying a second hand one OR just continuing with borrowing fees.

(P.S. If it makes any difference I would not be performing (except at end of term galas three times a year) and would only be using it for practising. If anyone thinks it would be cost-effective and worth my while I could buy different parts and collect them. If anyone has any suggestions I would be seriously grateful. I am REALLY sorry if this is the wrong place.)


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Hi Kiera, please say hi in the doorbell section.

What you're looking at is an entry level Chinese sax of unknown quality. It's in China, so you'll probably have to pay import duty, tax etc. This will put the price up a lot. And if there's a problem with the sax, there's no local support. So it's a big gamble that will cost a lot more than the bin price on ebay.

Imho you're better of buying from someone local - e.g. the entry level models from Jericho, John Packer, Trevor James. Or a used sax from someone reputable.


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If you want to hear my advice, don't buy such a horn from ebay.
As a beginner, you really deserve the best horn available. I'm sure my technician would get a nervous breakdown if you brought the horn new and he would check it for leaks...Not considered the consistency of it.

Speaking as a teacher, you should IMHO:
Buy a used Yamaha (23, 25, 275, 280) or

if possible (interested if that is offered in GB) get a new horn where you pay a monthly fee (would be about €38 for a 280 here). You have to pay for a certain amount of time (6 months here) and then you could return it with no further cost. If you decide you continue playing you could buy the horn at any time, paying just the difference of the price and what you have already paid or continue paying monthly until you have payed the full (street) price.

Good luck, Guenne
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Hi Kiera,

I'm just going to repeat what's already been stated above...there are far better buys out there. I recently did a little research for a new student so that I could give them a few options, and in addition to the new instruments from Jericho, I managed to find some really good instruments within a 30 mile radius of my home for around the £300 mark (less in some cases). These included some more reputable Asian horns (Yamaha and Jupiter), and a couple of later American ones (student model Conn and Buescher).

There really are some very good instruments out there for a relatively small financial outlay. Get some advice from somebody more experienced if possible and have fun looking.


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Lade seems to be a new name on the market. Probably same old, same old bad reputation low level instrument, looking to dodge its dodgy past. I may be wrong but it's a gamble. I think you would be very disappointed with a Lade after playing a Yamaha

If funds are limited the Gear4music alto is a very playable, durable instrument for £220. Many members on here have one. several members gig them. Mine is coming up to four years old. No problems. I earn my (meager) living with it.

@Stephen Howard, member here, has reviewed it favourably.

Stephen Howard praises Gear4music Alto Saxophone in Review | News at Gear4music.com

Check their terms and conditions for NI before buying.

Ferris music is in NI

Musical Instruments Retailer Online, UK

I've not dealt with them personally but it might be worth contacting them. They're on Facebook too.
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Kiera McQuaid

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Thank you all for your (very quick) replies. They all seem very useful and I think I might do a little bit more digging on it, but I think I'll ultimately end up with a gently used Yamaha. I am very pleased with it's sound and my tutor used one too.

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