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Advice from Windows users please

Pete Thomas

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I have just had a rather rude email from a customer who bought a PDF file.

The PDF file is zipped, and he is complaining that because of that he cannot open the PDF, or rather he has to "pay more money to "open these files to wip-zip files" (???)

I was under the impression that .zip files are opened very easily in windows by double clicking.

Is this not the case?


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He might have installed a free trial version of Winzip, which has associated itself with zip files and will now be the application windows chooses to open one: now that free trial period is over, it is asking him for $25 or whatever, perhaps.


lol... rude customer must be from the 90's... or worse... before the zip was invented :)..
it could easily be done in windows 7... and might have happened what saxplorer have said :)

Young Col

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I've consulted the CaSLM IT managers who agree with what Saxplorer says. It's not really your problem Pete if they haven't got the program installed fully. I'd send the boys round like Tom says except that OG is a Mac user and is currently into his sensitive side talking to Snow Leopards and Mountain Lions an' stuff.


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If he was using a free version of WinZip which then exipired, and he's a bit daft, he might think he needs to pay money to WinZip to get the file. However, there are loads of free zipping utilities available which will both zip and unzip. He should be able to unzip directly in Windows explorer unless he's runnig a very old version. Even if he is, one of the freebies will work for him.


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Xp opens zips. Unless, like they said someone installed Something like Winzip.

But there's little point in zipping .pdfs. They don't compress well. About all it usually does is bundle them into a single file, which can be convenient.


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I downloaded a zip file from you today and extracted without anything extra in Windows Vista. There are free zip utilities available for windows so no need for any one to incur extra cost.


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In my experience it really doesn't make much sense to "zip" a pdf file. (Yo Kev, mein'sa Fransiskaner!)
The savings are usually so minimal that it outways the hassle.
Zipping is good when you have a bundle of data in different formats: jpegs and php files, text and data files, knitting patterns and packets of sunflower seeds, all mixed up in one package. But zipping a single .pdf file really doesn't make much sense. The pdf format is in itself a compressed file - Portable Document Format - the size of the pdf depends on the export settings you use when creating the pdf file from your source program. Let's face it, these days most everybody on planet earth has a super speed internet connection, and if they haven't send 'em a postcard. :)
IMHO just send the data out as pdf's. Basta!
gruss - spike


when you send a zip file may I suggest that you also include a link to something like 7 zip (easily gotten from it is a free public domain program and then losers and lamers cannot complain. :thumb:
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