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I am looking to dabble with amplification and effects on my saxophone. Mostly for experimenting and fun so I don't want to spend too much.
I would like some advice on what is a good value clip on microphone. In this thread http://cafesaxophone.com/showthread.php?2329-Clip-on-microphones
it seems like the Samson wind instrument mic is popular. Does anyone know where I can purchase just the mic without the wireless receiver? I am in Canada.
Also, do I need a special cable to make it work as a wired microphone? I want to plug it into my guitar amp (1/4" jack). Does that work to go straight from the clip on mic to the guitar amp or do I need something in between? The amp is a roland and it has gain and a bunch of effects on it.
Thanks in advance for any advice you can share!
The Samson mic isn't your solution - it's a good budget wireless system, but you can't buy the mic without the receiver since it's hard wired to the transmitter, and has no other output.
Try the Yamaha mc7 mic instead, that will sound better and has a plug!

Hi there,
Have a look at "sdsystems". I use a LDM 94 to good effect, it's a dynamic mic. so it doesn't need a power supply.
Condenser mics. need a power supply, generally 48 volt "phantom power".

Yup, sdsystems stuff is good.

You can't just plug a mic into a guitar amp (unless it has a specific mic input - most don't). You need some sort of matching transformer or preamp. See here.You will also probably have feedback problems, especially if using effects such as distortion. Guitar amps are designed for guitars, not for saxes, so it may well sound pretty crap too.
Thanks for the responses!
I should have specified but since I am just messing around right now I am only looking to spend ~$100 so the sdsystems ldm 94 (which looks awesome) is too expensive. Is there a decent mic in this price range that doesn't require phantom power? I thought condenser mics were usually more expensive than dynamic mics so isn't that a bit odd that in this case it is the opposite?
Also, my guitar amp has a mic in (but I presume that the effects would not change the sound coming on through the mic in. I should try it out to make sure). Theoretically I could get a cheap effects board (vocal effects perhaps?) and put that in between the mic and the guitar amps mic in right?
If you just wanna muck around on the cheap ...

Then why not record you sound straight to your computer - "Almost for Free"

You will need a Mike to your sound card input jack - Almost any sort will do ...

Download Audacity [Free programme] here is a link:


And off you go mate ... ;}

Hope that is a helpful solution ...
Sorry guys (and thanks Johnboy), I forgot about the condenser/power thing.

Dynamic clips are available - try the AKG D409. I don't think it's in production any more so you might get a sale deal.
Shure, Sennheiser and Beyerdynamic also do decent clip mics but they're a bit more pricey.

If you really want cheap, you can get a half-decent hand-held and put it in a clip near your sax. I think these are more reasonably priced than clip-on dynamic mics since the diaphragms can be bigger and therefore made more easily. Plus they sell a lot more!


Hola Nick, I didn't know that the Yamaha mc7 was a condencer mic, so it was a good job you spotted it!!

I use the DPA 4099. It's pricey at £380 (sax.co.uk) but the quality is fantastic. There is a wireless add on as well. I bought the mic on it own and liked it so much I went back and got the wireless part as well.
I tried senheissers, AKG and others before ending up with the DPA. sax.co.uk employees did their own test and the DPA 4099 came out of top by a country mile.
The clip itself is the best around as well - many of the other mountings are bulky or even drop off at the slightest shake.
It needs +48v phantom power (which is provided by the wireless unit or mixer desk etc).
below that I've used an AKG at about £200 and a Senheisser 509 (not sure of the number but it costs about £110). The 509 was quite competent and had the advantage of being about the best small diaphram that didin't need phatom power - in case that is a problem.


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