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How to sponsor CafeSaxophone using our ad manager.

We offer banner advertising space based on CPC (cost per click). Currently costs are from £0.41 per click depending on number of clicks ordered.

If you have a commercial account upgrade you get a further 10% discount, just use the coupon code ADVERTISE.
Ads are geo-targetable, so there need be no wasted views, you pay only for the views you get. This means not just when ads are displayed on a page, but ads that are actually viewable, so an ad at the bottom of the page does not count as a view until the user has scrolled down and the ad becomes visible.

Advertisers with commercial upgrade will be able to make product announcements and discuss their products on the forum (subject to our not over the top marketing rules)

Banner size on desktop can be a whopping 890px x 110px, fully responsive.

The ad manager is surprisingly easy to use, however we can also still process ads manually and give you access to your stats etc. We can also provided banner design/editing service.

Using the ad manager

(follow Advertiser link under the main Home tab or click here)

  • Sign up for a Cafe Saxophone account.
  • Click on advertiser link to view your own personal advertising account area.
  • Choose your ad position package.
  • Create your ad (you will need a jpg or png banner that you upload from your desktop).
  • Click Geotarget (optional) to choose which countries/continents you want the ad displayed. (No need to waste views if your product is local)
  • Hint: ignore Device Criteria, all ads will be responsive.
  • Once created your ad will be pending, and you will be notified when it is approved.
  • Once approved you will see an invoice in your advertiser account.
  • Payment via card is processed with Paypal. Once paid you you can view stats, pause or extend the ad. If you prefer you can contact us for other payment methods, e.g. bank transfer

Average actual banner views = 4000+ per day (obviously fewer if geotargeted)

Currently our audience is approximately:
  • 30% USA
  • 30% UK
  • 40% other, with good representation in Europe, Canada and Australia.
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Pete Thomas

Pete Thomas

Chief of Stuff
Commercial Supporter
McLean, Virginia
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