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Accomodation needed...London


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Friends.... If I can call you that..... :D

I am looking for a little help. I know this might be a dangerous thing to do....

My daughter and I have both been selected as Games Makers for the Olympics and Paralympics respectively.
She is a "field of play attendant" for the Olympic Archery, so needs to get to Lords cricket ground. I am on the Communications team for Paralympic basketball, and am based at either the Olympic Park or North Greenwich area (Millenium Dome, as was).

In order to do this, we need to "live" in London for the two weeks that we are each needed.
Ideally we do not wish to pay for this accomodation, so we are looking for a spare bit of floor space, maybe even a spare bed room. :w00t: The nearer to public transport the better, as we must use public transport to get to the venue.

It would only be one of us at a time - she starts on 27th July for a couple of weeks. I don't yet have my rota, but the paralympics start at the end of August.

Can any of you nice London collective assist? or indeed anyone with relatives in the capital.

We'd be happy to come down so you could check us out!

Sadly my daughter doesn't play saxophone, but she's a mean archer.

Although I say we'd prefer not to pay, we'd happily cook a dinner or two, or provide a bottle of wine / beer or two, and make a donation to Pete's charity.

And we wouldn't be a nuisance... I dragged her up proper :)))

Many thanks


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I can't help Mandy, unless commuting from Northamptonshire is an option, but you could try the Couchsurfing site - - it's a pretty safe way of blagging a bed for a few nights and I've used it myself a several times, but I'm not sure whether you'll find someone prepared to stretch it to a couple of weeks.
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