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Absolutely nothing to to do with the saxophone, but....

Seeing this has reminded me how much RAM has changed. I never used an Atari, but I bought my first computer around that time, to use with some music program, that turned out to be Cakewalk, a pirate version. ( but they have made quite a bit of money from me since then with upgrades) anyway I was talking with Eddie Harvey in the cafe at Holland Park who used the Atari for his jazz arr. He had just upgraded his RAM to 2mb. The standard RAM for a PC at that time was 4mb and I was getting a PC with 8mb. When I told Eddie his mouth dropped open. How RAM has changed.
I can remember in my younger days as an amateur astronomer the 'geek squad' in the corner drooling over Texas Instruments programmable calculators. These had magnetic cards with I think 512 bytes of capacity. When the 48k ZX Spectrum came out they couldn't imagine that you could possibly use all of that memory...
My first Atari had only half a mb of RAM, and I needed to upgrade to 1 mb to do many things. I well remember my first (external) HDD - a mighty 30 mb!

Yes, mine was 40mb, and I thought it would last forever, now I use a terrabit as a back up drive. Where will it end. To a certain extent I blame manufacturers, so they can shift more product.

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