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This thread is an offspring of this:

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.......................................................................................................... do we try your mouthpieces before buying..................without having to go to another forum member!

It is a good example of cryptic writing, in the glorious Italian burocratic tradition, but it means that you can return it if you don't like it, unless you are VAT registered. Mostly because according to that lovely legislation, If a supplier emits a VAT receipt, he (or she) has to pay VAT, even if the goods have not been paid for.

I am happy to let forum members try them, but I do not sell or represent Absolute. I sell some mouthpieces from another maker (not metal, and some are currently in the yardsale) but I am delighted to help someone like Absolute that offers such products for such low prices. Their choice of keeping prices down, probably implies that a distribution is not feasible.
What Aldevis says is correct, that for now we can not afford resellers, or some kind of distribution.
The only way is to buy the product you are interested in, on our website, and within 10 days of delivery you can communicate to want to return, if the product does not like.
In this case, will be deducted from the refund the shipping charges.

Buying directly from the site, you'll always have products that meet the characteristics that must have, in addition to having a direct line to the producer, which is always attentive to your questions.

I believe that our choice was better, to offer innovative products at honest prices.

On the quality of our mouthpieces, on the front page of our website, you can find a long list of links to reviews of many saxophonists.

Any customer can leave a review of our products, in the appropriate area of our website.

Hello, unfortunately I can not afford to give other mouthpieces, but I can report that we have activated a offer for a few weeks, where you can buy two mouthpieces with a discount of 25%.
This is the maximum that we can offer.

Take a look at the kit Bb1 on our website.

If two of you shall agree, save 25% each.;)
Still I have a bari ST in my wish list....
I had the pleasure of reviewing (almost) all of them on SOTW and have Absolute using some clips on their website.
A very interesting experiece.

Now I see that there's a B♭ Special Offer on Tenor & Soprano mouthpieces, I'll wait for the E♭ Special Offer on Bari & Alto that's sure to follow (though maybe I won't hold my breath).
This is for Aldevis so it's not you thats playing the samples for mouthpieces.
I stll am on some products page, like this
And I am really honoured by their choice.
After that, they received plenty of great reviews and audioclips. Interesting that Steve Neff sounds completely different on the same piece.
May I suggest that a Absolute offers one or two sample mouthpieces for a couple of senior members to review? After all he is seeking to promote his business through this forum.

This is how I came across them on SOTW, where I reviewed their stuff. A passaround in the UK is still an expensive challenge for a small company, but if anyone digs the facings, I can send around some of my pieces.
Tenor and Soprano ST need to be back soon, though. I can live without any mouthpiece from my drawer, but I would miss them.

Absolute, what about writing a brand new product announcement?
Hi, Aldevis, I assume that as a new product you want ligatures that I anticipated long ago, well, they will in a short sale on our website.

There are many new things coming up, but since I work alone all requires a little 'more time, but it will come.

Continue the professional test for clarinet mouthpieces and new reeds.

It was a real pleasure for me, be able to put your demo on my site.

stay tuned, thank you.
Hi, Aldevis, I assume that as a new product you want ligatures that I anticipated long ago, well, they will in a short sale on our website.

I am afraid you mean "they will be shortly on sale on your website".
I think I deserve to be the first one to buy them.

Similar threads... or are they? Maybe not but they could be worth reading anyway 😀

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