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A couple of years ago I had the opportunity to review some mouthpieces from Absolute.
Their ST model had a ligature that was a piece of art, beautifully engineered and innovative.
After some pressure, Absolute decided to make the ligatures available for standard size"ebonite" mouthpieces.

As we all know from the internet, ligatures have three main functions:
  • secure the reed
  • look cool
  • convince cafesaxophone members to wear a baby-blue mask
London Meet 012

Personally I am very sensitive to reed variations and I am a bit fussy about ligatures, but I must say that these ligatures lock the reed in a very efficient way. They seem to minimize the effects of reed swelling. Some extensive gigging on tenor confirmed this feeling. From the player's point of view, I find the horn more free blowing and relaxing.

Interestingly, they have a margin of adaptation to smaller mouthpieces (like Link EB or Pillinger "slim" NYT)

I will try to be more precise, but it is difficult to describe without seeing them. The ligature screw pushes to element against the reed at an angle. The reed is secured to the table in a way that optimizes the seal. It does not "hug" the reed, but just works on the sensitive point.
I am experimenting moving the ligature towards the tip or towards the shank, and it seems to make a difference.
Currently tried one on tenor (various mouthpieces, but it makes a difference on the Merlot) and on my Pillinger soprano mouthpiece.

They look cool too and hopefully in future we will have more cafemembers wearing blue masks.

(Disclaimer: masks were worn while testing ligatures else than Absolute.
No cafemembers have been harmed in the testing of these ligatures. Yet)
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Do they come with the mask, or is that extra?


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Do they come with the mask, or is that extra?
You have to get the mask from me :)

@aldevis you haven't forgotten already?


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