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There are a few clarinet players here, so maybe not too long a shot. I tried Clarinet some time ago, but really didn't get on with it and sold it on after a while. If I do double it's on on flute now, much prefer it to clarinet.

Hi Phil

Thanks, I haven't been learning the clarinet too long, but I find I have a very pleasing sound since I started, Accrording to my music teacher I have quite an advanced sound, I started Sax first, I felt like learning a 2nd instrument.

Hi all,
just wanting to know whether anybody knows any good clarinet shops online, and does anybody have any tips? This just a shot in the dark really considering this is a saxophone site!

You may try Norman. They are reliable and usually things are cheaper as well.

Are you after a selmer clarinet as well :w00t:
Hi Tommy

Na, I would be spoilt to go after a selmer clarinet after getting my sax, I'm perfectly happy with my begginer yamaha! Also, I might struggle 'cause they are made with wood. I just wanted a place for clarinet accessories that is reliable. Thanks alot!

Yamaha student clarinets are great!

I think Yamaha student clarinets are fantastic. I find their basic plastic ones actually play better than my wooden Boosey and Hawkes Emperor.

If you want to amaze yourself at some super quality clarinets, and their cost, take a trip to London and visit Howarths at 33 Chiltern Street, near Baker Street tube. They sell all woodwind instruments, including saxes, and they have a (to be honest pretty poor) website at

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