A Year on fom 'Fırst Gıg'


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Surrey, UK
Well, played my first gig today :) 45 minute set with piano and bass for a few dozen picnic'ers waiting for an outdoor Shakespeare production to start. Songs from "All of Me" to "Softly as in a Morning Sunrise". Was very nervous before, there were one or two stumbles and bum notes, but nothing that couldn't be recovered, and the audience enjoyed it! "Make sure they get you to play next year" they said.

Now I can't wait for next time. :)

Well they dıd - get us to play agaın!

Playıng 45 mınute set before Mr Shakespeare's Tamıng of the Shrew

I play 3 of the 6 nıghts - should be fun - wısh me luck!

Our group ıs also playıng a concert on Tues 26th ın the foyer of Basıngstoke's Queen Mary College Central Studıo so even more luck requıred!

Looking at weather outlook ..... even more even more luck needed for outdoor gig!
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Good luck then.
Please remember that bum notes are ok if you play them with an inspired face.
Good luck Andrew,

Hope the weather holds and you don't have to do a King Lear,
"Blow, winds, and crack your cheeks! rage! blow! You cataracts and hurricanoes, spout Till you have drench'd our steeples"
I love barmy pensioners.
Have a blinder (Out vile jelly...)

Good luck on all you events Andrew ...

Have loads of fun - Oh! I hope your nice BW Tenor is going to get an outing ... :D
Heh, only the alto this year: after these concerts the focus turns to tenor ...
Well, some week! First concert in the garden started off pretty ropey - I was really nervous and tense, sax (and air) were cold, so first tune was somewhat flat, was thrown somewhat by outdoor acoustics, I made loads of mistakes, all in all a dispiriting experience.

The bigger concert in the foyer restored the mood. Great fun, very good vibe, everyone was excited and inspired. Captured it all on my trusty Zoom H2n - really a great time had by all.

The second concert in the garden was something of an improvement musically, but a huge improvement in terms of mood: everything seemed relaxed and even the mistakes seemed to be easier to recover from.

Last of the garden concerts was tonight and really was very nice indeed. Relaxed, easy, FAR fewer mistakes and a good time had by all.

Here's a clip captured on the Zoom H2n - I remain amazed at how excellent this little darling is at capturing a recording for so little effort and hassle. The last tune of the last concert:


I play the tune in and out, bookending great solos by my fellow bandmembers.

Lots to learn still, much much room for improvement, but the lesson of the past week has been .... the more you do it the better, and the more fun it gets.
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Lovely recording! Pity about the talking....

Bet you're a lot more critical of yourself than the audience were. Sounds like they had a great time.

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