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A Wing and a Prayer


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Just another hit or miss tune where the improv is not based on
a particular harmonic sequence. It's more or less like walking a tight rope
or a wing and a prayer type of style.

It's a sense of adventure in how to try to resolve. Much like chess.
I make a move and try to counter the move. I find it extremely difficult to do
but I'm lazy and so this is what I choose to do.

It's not esoteric at all. I'm not trying to be an individual. I'm just exemplifying
what a lazy guy does when he has the means to blow into a saxophone. Which is why it's
my impersonation of a jazz musician....

It's nothing more than that...In fact I don't really know what I'm doing!

Music written by Chris Knowles

A Wing and a Prayer

Wade Cornell

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New Zealand and Australia
Very cool, as is your trademark. As always I like and appreciate the atonal approach and you do it so well. Very slight tendency to be sharp.

Most enjoyable. Always want to hear more.
Very nice.Intonation sounds great to me.Like how it kind of makes you feel dizzy.Good title,great off balance playingSort of throws you 1 way then the other way.Fine job as always.


Victoria, BC
Really Nice sound.

Really coherent improvisation. Nice use of some of those upper chord extensions. The greasy notes if you will.

Nothing I didn't like about that.
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